Cracks in your foundation can be repaired from the interior or the exterior.

When the crack is repaired from the interior, our technician starts off by sealing the face of the crack on the interior with an epoxy paste, which holds the material in the wall for our pressurized epoxy or urethane injection. Our injection process consists of drilling a series of injection ports along side the foundation crack, intersecting the crack in the middle of the wall with the drill bit. Zerk fittings are installed and urethane is injected into the crack sealing it from the inside through to the exterior soil.

When the crack is repaired from the exterior, it is important to locate the crack while digging down and following the crack all the way to the footing. The crack is detailed and sealed off with a wall clay to prevent any water from entering the crack during periods of rain or melting snow.

Both interior and exterior repairs are effective and will prevent water from entering through the crack into your basement or crawlspace. The experienced technician on site will let you know what is recommended during the inspection, and explain in detail the process and estimated time and cost of the repair.