Do you have problems with a wet basement or flooded basement? It’s time to call Seal Basement Waterproofing! We have been helping people just like yourself and are ready to come to your rescue.

Who We Are

We are Family Owned and operated since 1989, Seal Basement Waterproofing has been providing all phases of Waterproofing and Remodeling to the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.
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Foundation Crack Repair

When the crack is repaired from the interior, our technician starts off by sealing the face of the crack on the interior with an epoxy paste, which holds the material in the wall for our pressurized epoxy or urethane injection.
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Drain Tile

Water entering the basement or crawlspace is a common problem for many homeowners. Whether you have a concrete , cinderblock, limestone, or brick foundation, THERE IS A SOLUTION. Proper drainage is necessary
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The Seal Team Basement Waterproofing Difference

Why bother with the same tired process of waterproofing a wet basement, when the Seal Team is ahead of the game? The Seal Team targets the problem from the outside first and prevent water from reaching your basement walls with our new injection method. When it starts to rain, know that water can’t even get past the waterproof barrier surrounding your basement foundation. And if for some reason it does, Seal Team stands by our service with a lifetime warranty.

Do you need effective foundation waterproofing for your home? Then count on us. Seal Team can help you get your basement free of moisture by using our proven waterproofing systems that don’t just put a bandage on your dampness problems, but solves them. Choose our exclusive exterior new injection method to stop water from seeping through your basement walls.